September 29, 2006

Perhaps it should be told in the first person? Would then be gender neutral (the protagonist is the reader).

How would other characters then refer to the main character then?



February 3, 2006

Future Earth – what could be if past history was different (computers used in breaking the Enigma code not dismanted, potential of LEO (Lyons Electronic Office) computer was recognised and invested in, thus causing the UK to lead the way in technology innovation). USA in civil disorder (high crime rates, unpoliced cities, some ‘pockets’ of calm), but leading in medical advances and weaponry (both due to civil war).


February 3, 2006

role – name – species – gender
[protagonist] – ??? – human – male/female
[cloaked stranger] – ??? – ??? – ???
[best friend] – ??? – human – male/female
[love interest] – ??? – human – male/female
[friend/traitor] – ??? – human – male/female


February 3, 2006

[protaganist] can travel to various places throughout Earth via Caelum. Most of them are through less reputable ‘back alley’ shops and businesses, which clients would not admit visiting (and would be fine with seeing anything out of the ordinary (due to their state of mind/embarrassment caused to family/themselves)).
Other inhabitant of the city can also do this, but very rarely do due to the emotional/physical strain it exerts on them (which [protagonist] does not experience. There are also some places that only [protagonist] can go to (not even the cloaked stranger that told [him/her] about [his/her] ‘destiny’). Despite being of far stronger resolve than most humans, they (cloaked stranger species) lack the strength of character and ‘abilities’ of [protagonist], but nevertheless need to support [him/her] in times of need.


February 3, 2006

[protagonist] was to visit [his/her] relatives in America. After booking [his/her] tickets there was a major incident ([bomb/plane crash/toilet break]?). [protagonist] lost conciousness as a consequence. Upon waking up [he/she] found [him/herself] in what could only be described as an unusual ([jet fighter/swan/self aware sentient being]?) airborne vehicle sat besides a cloaked figure. They spoke in an unknown accent and gender about how [protaganist] was destined for great things and they were on there way to what would be the last refuge for mankind ([and the universe]?). That place was an airborne city, many miles above the Earth’s surface, but undetectable by man-made technology (satellites, radar, spy planes etc).